Opening Remarks
Dr. Veerathai Santiprabhob
Governor, Bank of Thailand

Welcome Speech
Mr. Chartsiri Sophonpanich
Advisor to board of The Thai Bankers’ Association

Mr.Murari Kalyanaramani
Executive Director,
Security Technology Services,Standard Chartered Bank, FS-ISAC Committee

In the era of digital disruption, banks are facing new challenges to connect with their digital-savvy customers and increased pressures to create new streams of revenue quickly. The speed of innovation required for banks are unprecedented and the demand of customers continues to defy conventional methods. How does a bank of the future address these challenges while maintaining a secure and agile solutions to meet these needs. Learn more about Samsung’s next mobile economy and how mobile innovation is changing the way banks are operating their business.

Mr. Ian Chong
Head of B2B,
IT & Mobile for Samsung Electronics
Aaron Banks
Mr. Aaron Banks
ASEAN Security Services Engagement Leader,IBM Asean

Holistic view of how Cisco internally implements cybersecurity from the board level on down, taking into considering risk governance, policy, architecture operations, and culture

Mr. Joshua McCloud
National Cybersecurity Officer,
ASEAN, CISSP, GSEC, GMON, GISCP, Cisco Systems, Inc.


Cloud services are the modern toolbox for digital transformation, enabling a better customer experience, streamlining operations improving and reducing cost. But for organizations in banking, insurance and other financial services, moving to cloud entails new organizational and security risks. Enterprises are still responsible for maintaining regulatory compliance and protecting customer data as well as proprietary information functions like data storage to cloud services. Cybersecurity for cloud services requires a new organizational approach that understands digital content, context and user behaviour to ensure appropriate cyber resilience and digital transformation. Join this presentation to learn the latest use cases from around the world for how financial organizations can adopt cloud services while maintaining cyber resilience and regulatory compliance.

Mr. Jonathan Andresen
Senior Director,Marketing & Products,
Asia Pacific & Japan,McAfee

Edge security is a new paradigm for protecting businesses from Internet-facing threats. Join us to hear Akamai’s perspective on protecting your apps & APIs, stopping credential abuse, and the business impact of the main cyberattack vectors in Thailand.

Mr. Mike Smith
CTO for Security,
Akamai Technologies

Zero Trust is an architectural model that guides security teams on how to apply Zero Trust tenants to address the modern threat landscape. The model advocates a holistic approach to information security and puts special focus on processes and technologies that secure your data, wherever it resides. The objective is to strengthen data security and obfuscation – to limit risk derived from excessive user privileges and access.
Benefits also include improved security detection and response with analytics and automation.

Understanding key concepts at a high level is one thing. Properly implementing the model can be much more challenging. Understand how an integrated platform approach makes sense especially in a fragmented cybersecurity world.

Mr. David Rajoo
Chief Cybersecurity Architect,
Symantec ASEAN

Lazarus represent the most active group in the Asia Pacific region targeting financial institutions. Although, other groups such as Cobalt and Silence are active in the region – the frequency, scope and maturity of their attacks is less.

This presentation will review new research on Lazarus group, the largest threat to banks in Asia Pacific, and share new insights into how this APT conduct thefts from financial institutions and their tactics techniques and procedures in doing so. Vesta will review the malware used and describe how systems inside of banks are targeted to commit theft and conduct espionage. This is to give both tactical, operational and strategic insights that will be of use to both technical and non-technical attendees.

Ms. Vesta Matveeva
Head of cyber investigation department,

The Smarter, connected world has shifted in how we live, how we interact and how we do business. Engineering the technology is driving the digital economy while bringing the risk to the community. Cybersecurity requires adjustments in dealing with risks, raising the understanding and developing the public policy in order to balance and promote entry into the digital economy.


Ms. Chaowarat Yongjiranon
Global Editor of Techsauce Media


Mr. Somkiat Tangkitvanich, Ph.D.
President of TDRI


Mr. Shivakumar Sriraman
Chief risk officer – India & South Asia,

Ms. Vesta Matveeva
Head of cyber investigation department, Group-IB


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