PSO (Payment System Office)
The Bank of Thailand has given an approval to the Thai Bankers’ Association to establish the Payment Systems Office (PSO) in the year 2014 in order to serve and to drive the implementation of the Payment System Roadmap which includes monitoring the industry, trends and technologies.
The roles and responsibilities of PSO are as follows :
1. Encourage the implementation of the development plan for the National Payment System
2. Lay out a strategic plan for the country’s payment system by tracking the trends and changes in technology, doing a research
on the rules and regulations needed and analyzing all the factors supporting the payment system
3. Coordinate with all stakeholders in the payment system, to reduce conflicts and difficulties in developing the payment system
4. Build a good recognition for the Payment Systems Office (PSO) by creating an atmosphere of trust and performance
incentives for all stakeholders in the payment system with a long run aim of making payment system in Thailand one of leading payment systems in the region