Lucky Draw Debit Card #2


The debit card usage expansion scheme was initiated by the Ministry of Finance under the National e-Payment Master Plan in order to promote debit card usage and installation of electronic data capture (EDC) devices. With broader use of debit cards and EDC devices, cash-handling costs and transaction costs in Thailand will be reduced, while efficiency and national competitiveness will improve. Prizes, through a verifiable randomized manner, are given to lucky winners from both sides, the debit card users as well as the shops that accept payments through EDC machines under this scheme. The monthly lucky winner scheme runs for 12 consecutive months from June 2017 (data of transactions occurred in previous month) onwards. The lucky winner list for July 2017 has been announced. A total of 1,007 prizes, valued at 6.75 million Baht, will be distributed to lucky winners. The prizes are sponsored by the Government Lottery Office. Dr. Somchai Sujjapongse, Permanent Secretary for Finance, chaired the prize-giving ceremony held on July 26, 2017. The winners in the categories of debit card user and EDC-equipped merchant were Ms. Palista Soontara and Prasit Service Partnership Ltd., respectively, each winning 1,000,000 Baht. On this occasion, Mr. Narin Kalayanamitr, Chief Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance, and Ms. Sirithida Phanomwan Na Ayutthaya, Assistant Governor Payment Systems Policy and Financial Technology Group, Bank of Thailand, presented the second prizes to the lucky winners. The remaining prizes will be transferred to the lucky winners’ bank accounts. Since the launch, this scheme has helped boost the Thai debit card market, which now has 54.2 million debit cards from various financial institutions in circulation. During the second quarter of 2017, debit card usage paid for goods and services through EDC devices was on average equal to 5.5 million transactions per month. This was a surge of approximately 30 percent compared to the same period last year, in which on average there were 4.3 million transactions per month. In terms of value, average monthly spending was equal to 10,000 million Baht during April-June 2017. Moreover, since March 2017, the two authorized EDC distributors under the debit card usage expansion scheme, namely TAPS Group and the E-Payment Consortium, have already installed 150,000 devices at over 90,000 commercial venues and government agencies. During the next 10 months, until May 2018, lucky winners of each month will have a chance to win over 1,001 prizes for debit card users, and between 6-30 prizes for EDC-equipped merchants. One transaction gives one chance of being the lucky winner of each side. The lucky winners list will be announced monthly on the 16th of each month at