Dates back to the late 1958, when a group of leading bankers representing domestically incorporated banks held a series of meetings to discuss the formation of an association. They finally formally founded the Thai Bankers’ Association in September 1958. There were 15 founding members, representing all the commercial banks incorporated in Thailand at that time. Its management rests with an elected Board of Directors, which consists of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, and three other Directors.
      Since its establishment, TBA has played an active role in representing the banking community in discussions with the Bank of Thailand, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, and other government agencies in formulating and implementing key economic and financial policies.
      TBA collaborated with the Board of trade of Thailand and the Federation of Thai Industries in establishing the Joint Public. Private Consultative Committee, a prominent forum to discuss on-going national issues with the government, which often results in very fruitful adjustment of government policies or amendment of laws and regulation that are conducive to efficient practices in trade and investment.
      TBA is also a founding member of the ASEAN Bankers Association, which meets annually to foster cooperation among bankers in the ASEAN countries. Their recent cooperation includes the Y2K solution, corporate debt restructuring workshops, and strategy to meet intensifying competition in the coming years.
      TBA works closely with the Foreign Banks Association in various banking issues, including improving the payment system, formulating guidelines for common practice on rule and regulation, and organizing joint charity activities.