Thai Banking Academy

Thai Banking Academy

The Thai Banking Academy (TBAC) was established in 2018 by the Thai Bankers' Association to serve as a learning institution for financial and banking professionals, developing skills that meet international standards.

TBAC 1.0 (2018-2021)

The operation of TBAC 1.0 (mid 2018-2021) followed the 5-years plan of the TBA, focusing on common industry standard courses (Principles & Practical Guidelines) covering both general and compulsory courses, consisting of 4 categories:

  • Conduct: Fundamental courses to enhance ethical standards such as Market Conduct, Industry Code of Conduct.
  • Compliances: In 2020, TBAC was approved by the AMLO to provide AML/CTPF e-learning courses and serve as an examination center. In 2021, it received approval from the OIC to provide the first-time licensing courses for life and non-life insurance brokers (Classroom and Virtual Classroom). Additionally, there is an awareness course on deposit protection provided by the DPA for bank staff knowledge and customer inquiries.
  • Core Banking Subjects: Fundamental professional development courses including PDPA, Retail Lending Series, Commercial Lending Series, Investment Series and International Trade and FX.
  • Digital Literacy: Courses on Cyber Security and Digital ID.

TBAC 2.0 (From 2022 onwards)

The 3-years plan of the Thai Bankers’ Association covers:

  • Enhance initiatives from TBAC 1.0: Further developing fundamental courses from TBAC 1.0 on ongoing basis.
  • Beyond banking subjects: Collaborating with learning partners to expand course topics beyond banking.
  • Reaching out to the public: Providing courses to the public.
  • Connect to universities.