To encourage the steady growth and development of economic and financial systems of Thailand, and to enhance the people’s quality of life through the 5 following themes:
  1. Digitization of banking and next generation payments infrastructure
  2. Financial inclusion and supporting the real economy
  3. Contribution back to society
  4. Preparing for AEC and regional integration
  5. Legal and regulatory enablement
• To be a platform for member banks collaboration to improve performance capacity, efficiency, and enhance competitiveness to support steady and sustainable growth of economy.
• To strengthen good recognition in both local and international through active engagement and participation.
• To works with stakeholders, regulators, and government agencies to improve public awareness and understanding of the industry’s contribution to the economy and to ensure the banking customers continue to benefit from a reliable, competitive and accessible banking industry.
Message From Chairman
All these fifty-eight years, The Mission of The Thai Bankers’ Association is a center of cooperation of Commercial Bank for develop the bank and send to efficiently and conveniently to customer. Moreover we’re center during public sector and private sector for encourage on economic in the country.
On the two years past, Thailand reformed on other side. The Thai Bankers’ Association and member bank had to developed public sector especially to efficiency increasement of Public Sector and raising the level of good service on Thai-bank industry and disseminated knowledge on financial for strength and was prepare economic, social for future changes : Entry into ASEAN Economic Community(AEC)Technological change and the change of global financial rules. Such plans are consistent with the development plans,
financial institutions, phase 3 of the Bank of Thailand promulgated in year 2559.
Coming in a year, The Chairman of the Thai Bankers’ Association, I have an important obligation to 2559 is a collaboration of member banks in the five-year plan into action through tangible support and resources from member banks all banks to achieve shared goals.
Aside from the engagements planed for 5 this years and I have committed to keep the Thai Bankers’ Association has an important role. In the center of the commercial banks to support the country’s economic development, edited and shared with other Government and private sectors, such as the Federation of the Federation of Thai industries Thailand. Chamber of Commerce Division trade authority of Thailand due the current. Thailand is also experiencing economic problem in many ways. That requires the cooperation of all parties.
The challenge of the commercial banking system in Thailand during the next. In addition to economic issues, both in Thailand and aboard, we must face already. Changes in consumer behavior. Aging society and technological change makes commercial banks must adapt and develop itself continuously to be able to meet the needs of the customer and plays a major part in the sustainable development of the economic system, the following. As Chairman of the Association of Bank, Thailand I believe in discipline of the Member Banks’s cooperation, we will be able to achieve the goals.
Message from the Secretary General of The Thai Bankers’ Association
“The Thai Bankers’ Association is one of the primary organizations of the private sector in driving the development and growth of Thailand’s economy as well as the competitiveness of the country. We have been working closely with major private organizations and government agencies to achieve economic sustainability and stability. To educate citizens with better knowledge on financial management, hence improve their living standards and lead to a well-distributed prosperity among people in rural areas and various parts of the country.
During the time of global financial crisis, the unstable global economy has affected Thailand’s businesses, investment plans and financial sectors. TBA has the duty and responsibility in bringing together financial institutions and banks, especially the member banks, to create a strong connection that will aid in the change for better banking system. This change will support Thailand’s growth and competitiveness by increasing efficiency and stability of the payment system, creating a more interconnected system with other countries. Furthermore, this change will allow us to adapt for the rapid change in communication technology, economic environment and competitiveness that affect banking business.
TBA has been working on enhancing its status to become a more prominent and an active organization, and has started the five-year plan project. This five-year plan will strengthen Thailand’s payment system: boost accessibility for small and medium size businesses (SMEs) to financial sources, build an interconnected financial system, and provide financial knowledge to citizens.
The TBA team has continued to improve the website so that it is more up-to-date, provides useful information, and acts as an effective communication channel in which financial institutions especially member banks can supply source of information to citizens of Thailand and all business sectors. In addition, TBA has taken an active role in representing private sector organizations in Thailand and both regionally and globally.”